Tattoo Contest

Participate and show off your body art.
Register right at the show to win custom plaques & bragging rights!!
Entry fee is $10.00 per tattoo category/Kid airbrush Tattoo Contest is $5.00 per entry
Winners will be announced 1 hour prior to judging.
Rules for Tattoo Contest:

•    There is a 1 year restriction on previous contest winners; if you were a contest winner of our show within the last year, you will not allowed to enter into the same contest category within a 365 day period.
•    No disrobing will be permitted before, during or after the contest; Pre-designated photo areas are the only EXCEPTIONS to this rule or you will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified.
•     A panel of judges will review all tattoos and assign a score based on a pre-determined point system.
•    Small/Large Tattoo – Tattoos must be able to fit within the dimensions of 8.5 in. X 8.5in. to be considered small; anything larger is considered large.
•    Fresh Tattoos - The industry rule is that tattoos must be fully healed in order to be judged.  People with fresh tattoos will not be allowed to participate in any category except for, “Tattoo of the Day”.
•    Tattoo of the Day – Contest participants must have the tattoos started & completed on the same day of the event.  All other entries will be disqualified.
Friday March 3th, 2017 – Registration from 2pm to 6pm; Judging @ 7pm
•    Tattoo of the Day
•    Black/Grey (small)
•    Best of Color (small)
•    Portrait/Realism  (please bring a photo)
Saturday March 4th, 2017- Registration from 11am-5pm; Judging @ 5pm
•    Tattoo of the Day
•    Black/Grey (large)
•    Best  of Color (large)
•    Cover Up (must have before and after picture)
Sunday March 5th, 2017– Registration from 10am-4pm; Judging @6pm
•    Tattoo of the Day
•    Full Sleeve; arm / leg  (must be at least 90% done)
•    Full Back (must be at least 90% done)
•    Full Chest (must be at least 90% done)
Sunday from 3pm to 4pm
•    Kids airbrush Tattoo Contest; $5
•    1st , 2nd, & 3rd plaques
NOTE:  If you are interested in being a judge for all 3 days, please send your qualifications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.